Zaatar Blend Premium 100g Made in Palestine
Zaatar Blend Premium 100g Made in Palestine
Zaatar Blend Premium 100g Made in Palestine
Zaatar Blend Premium 100g Made in Palestine

Zaatar Blend Premium 100g Made in Palestine

Zaatar Blend Premium 100g Made in Palestine - AlArd

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Zaatar Blend Premium 100g Made in Palestine - AlArd

Ingredients: Zaatar Blend


Weight:  100g



Conserve in a dried place.

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Are you interested to support Palestinian people. Are you looking for delicious taste, energetic and healthy food, good habits, pleasant working environment, and happy family ? We offer you the opportunity to support Palestinian cause through purchasing Palestinian Medjool dates. Palestinians are struggling to build sustainable feasible dates industry in the Jordan Valley and Gaza Strip. The major obstacle for developing the local economy is Israeli control of fundamental resources, land, water, market and borders. Most of the big super markets in Europe and Western countries are proudly selling Israeli Medjool dates and do not care about its unethical origin. However, as consumers we must make the right choices and support the Palestinian Medjool dates where possible. Palestine, the Holy Land, is a country of good deeds, the country of figs, olives, almonds, peaches, pomegranates and Medjool dates. It has distinct products that have been inherited for generations, reflecting the experience of grandparents and the creativity of grandchildren. It has the oldest city known in history and the oldest system for irrigating crops. Among these products, dates stand out as one of the oldest Palestinian agricultural products. Medjool dates have a sweet, creamy taste. Consuming Palestinian Medjool dates brings you back to your childhood habits because of its sweet taste like candies. It gives you positive social and ethical feeling as it connects you with the local Palestinian producers of Medjool dates.

100% Palestinian dates
People used to find on store shelves or on electronic sales platforms the Medjool dates coming from Israel, but at “Ard AlKhair” we are keen to provide 100% Palestinian products. We came from there to make a way for the Palestinian products amid the crowds of Israeli products. We help distinguished high moral consumers who want to play a positive role in supporting the local Palestinian farmers of Medjool dates, who are facing the oppression of the Israeli occupation. We ensure that the local producers get fair prices that guarantee them a decent life.
The Medjool dates also reflect the blessing of the good Holy land of Palestine. The Palestinian Medjool dates are considered one of the finest dates in the world, as they are of high quality and have a particularly large size and their ability to resist natural conditions so that they can be kept for several months without losing their nutritional value. Moreover, Medjool dates have a distinctive creamy taste. What adds strength and attractiveness to Medjool dates is the proper way in which they are dealt with even before their maturity. Local producers are taking care of the health of the palm trees and they cover Medjool dates with bags to protect them from insects and other agricultural pests. Medjool dates are picked manually and transported, sorted and packed using the latest technologies and according to international quality standards. Dates are stored in frozen warehouses at a temperature of 18 degrees below zero. The Palestinian Medjool dates producers are keen to control quality and follow all procedures that are in line with the requirements of international quality systems, and they have ISO (14001) quality certifications.

Nutritional facts for 100g
Calories 64 Kcal
Protein 0g
Carbohydrates 16g
Total Fat 0g
Satured Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 0mg
Potassium 570g
Fiber 1.5g
Calcium 8mg
Iron 0mg
Vitamin C 0mg

What are the benefits of Medjool dates?

• Energizes the body
• Helps strengthen bones
• low fat
• Rich in fiber
• Rich in amino acids
• Rich in antioxidants
• Rich in minerals: calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, silicon
• Rich in protein
• Strengthens the immune system
• Rich in Vitamin A, C, B6, and E
• Helps fight constipation

How to consume Medjool dates?

• It is eaten at any time of the day for breakfast, as a snack, with a cup of tea in the afternoon or as a dessert.

• For direct consumption or in recipes.

How to preserve Medjool dates?

• Store your Medjool dates in a cool, dry place. If refrigerated, take your Medjool dates out 30 minutes before consumption.

• Close the bag tightly after opening, or place it in an airtight container.

What recipes can I make with Medjool dates?
• Date smoothie
• Pastries
• Cakes
• Add to salads
• Caramel
• Energy balls
• Spread
• In your hot dishes
• Clafoutis
• In your morning bowl for extra strength
• In your chia seed pudding
• Dates coated (with dark chocolate for example)
• Filled or stuffed dates (with peanut butter for example)

We have been keen to provide this product to all people and in various ways. It is available for families, youth, adults, children, athletes, the lazy, and even for infants and those who have not yet been born, because it provides a complete food for pregnant and lactating women.

Give yourself an indispensable nutrient with a distinct taste when supporting Palestinian people and Palestinian cause. Do not hesitate and order the Medjool dates now, and enjoy happy times and good health!

We are willing to Make Date consumption more than healthy habit, but also a Fun and ethical act.


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