Healthy benefits of date fruit

Balah (a type of dates) contains most basic nutrients for the human body, and they are considered a good source for vitamins. This fruit is like a mine containing a lot of basic minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, and chloride. It has also numerous benefits on the health being consumed as food, a fruit, a drink, dessert, and also a medicine. It contains 21% of water and many vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, D, 1.2% protein, 18% fat, 73% sugar, and 3% fibers. 1 Kg of dates provides your body with the same amount of calories that a kilogram of meat does, and three times the calories that 1 Kg of fish provides.
Date fruits contain monosaccharaides (glucose and fructose) such as Al-Barhi, Al-Sayer, Al-Zuhdi, Al-Sidi, and Halawi, and disaccharides (sucrose) such as Dajla Noor and Dajla Baida.

Palms and the surrounding environment
Date palm tree has a significant role in maintaining a balanced environment and preventing the desert invasion, due to its ability to adapt to it, the extension of its roots vertically and horizontally permits the plant to reach humid areas in order to get to the sources of water. As for the leaves, they are attached to the wickers and covered with a waxy layer and folded into V shape along their branch, forming a canoe-like shape, with its bottom facing upward to reduce water loss. Palm trees are also used to ward off the wind around farms, as they prevent and slow desertification. They also protect the trees and plants grown around them. The palm also tolerates high temperatures, salinity and drought.

All parts of the palm tree can be useful, such as:
The kernel: suitable as fodder for livestock and increases its production of meat and milk. And enters in the yeast industry as well.
Leaves and fronds: to make tools, furniture, antiques, cages, ropes and baskets.
Logs: to make house roofs, doors and seats in addition to bridges, archways and pulp.
Parts of the stems can be used as fuel or tanks for planting ornamental plants.
Some types of dates are used to extract natural incense from, such as Dagla, which is bred in Morocco.
The fruit (Rutab and Dates): has a high nutritive value, as well as being a source for oil, sugar, and syrup, besides its role in the cosmetic industry.
Pollen: used in pharmaceutical manufacture.
Roots: to keep the soil consistent.

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