Palm trees and dates in the different cultures

Palm tree was a symbol of warship amongst Chaldea, Assyrians and Phoenicians, in fact, many ministries in Arab countries relate palm trees with culture, religion and history. According to the official website of the ministry of agriculture in Jordan, palm tree was mentioned in the Jewish scripts, as well as dates which were one of the seven sacred fruits. It was mentioned in the bible also that Crist was born under a palm tree, and his followers paved the ground with palm leaves along his way when he entered Jerusalem. As for Islam, dates have a very special quality when it comes to Ramadan (the month that Muslims fast during), where it is desirable for the fasting person to break his fast on dates. This was proven by the actions of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Many civilizations have cherished palm trees since the beginning of their rise by decorating their palaces and monuments, their trunks were also used as columns. Cultivating palm trees was the first type of farming that certain laws were made for to follow, as it was in Hammurabi’s Code.

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