The Economic value of dates for the Arab countries

Some of the oil supplying countries are having a drop off in the oil production, while in the meantime there is another kind of oil in the pipeline that requires different climate conditions, and that is palms oil.
Nowadays, 30 countries around the world cultivate palm trees, almost 600 thousand hectares of farmed land, 422 thousand of them belong to Arab lands. The economic worth of this plant is tremendous that it’s in the vein of oil growing on trees. The Arab world has come in the lead in the dates production by 70% of international production, out of 100 million trees that are planted in the world, almost 80 million are planted in Arab countries. Although palm trees cultivation isn’t the easiest, the outcomes of this kind of investment are noteworthy considering 80 to 100 Kg of dates come from just one tree after 7 years of planting.
Obviously the date fruit production represents a very significant sector in the economy, and it’s rising constantly. For example, Turkey consumes almost 10 thousand tons of dates in Ramadan according to the Jordan newspaper “Al-Raya”, and this sector is considered to be in the lead in terms of hiring a tremendous number of workers, which reduces the average number of unemployed people in the Arab world.
Regarding the types of dates that exist, they passed 2000 types, in Iraq only there are over 600 types, 400 in Iran, and almost 400 in Libya according to the “Iraqi Network of Palm Tree”, plus over 400 type of dates in Saudi Arabia, in addition to the varieties that are cultivated in all Africa excluding Libya, they would reach more than 2000 varieties, every type having a different name which illustrates the importance of this agroindustry.

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